1. Call Diggers Hotline: (800) 242-8511 Whether you’re using your old post or installing a new one, you should always call Diggers Hotline first. Even if you’re digging out the same old hole you might be inches away from a utility line that someone else missed on a previous dig. Be safe. Be smart.

2. Call The Post Office: There are strict regulations regarding the location of mailboxes, the height of mailboxes, and the distance mailboxes should be from the street. Call first, dig second… or else you might dig twice.

3. Choose A Post: Wooden posts are usually cheaper than molded plastic or metal posts, but generally don’t last as long. If using a wooden post, treat it first. Metal posts should be painted with a rust inhibitor.

4. Dig The Hole: Keeping height requirements in mind, use a post-hole digger to dig a hole that is 18 to 24 inches deep. Place a few inches of gravel at the bottom of the hole to drain moisture away from your post.

5. Create A Strong Foundation: Concrete is a good, stable material for your foundation, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Filling the hole around your post with dirt will suffice, providing you tamp it down firmly. Either way, using a level to ensure your mailbox is straight while filling your hole is a good idea. Dirt filled holes may require a bit of maintenance from time to time. Simply adjust the pole using a level and tamp the dirt down around it.