1. Failing to call Digger’s Hotline first. Digging in the wrong spot could cause an interruption in service to an entire neighborhood. It could also cause harm to yourself or those around you and potentially result in fines and repair costs. You’re on your phone all the time already. What’s one more phone call? (800) 242-8511

2. Location, location, location. Deciding where to plant a tree is like deciding who you’re going to marry: It’s a long term commitment. Your tree is going to grow, as are its roots, and planting too close to your house, your sidewalk, or your driveway may have adverse effects on those structures in the future. Decide wisely. It’ll save you money.

3. Watch your hole! Digging your hole to the wrong depth can be catastrophic to your tree. A hole that is too deep will not allow nutrients to get to your tree’s roots, which is a potentially fatal problem in the early life of your tree. A hole that is too narrow won’t allow the roots to expand and properly anchor your tree. Search “Youtube” for how to plant your specific type of tree. If you can’t find a fitting video, call a local arborist.

4. Don’t be harsh! Be gentle to your new tree! Lift your tree by the root ball or the container, never the trunk. Doing so can damage it. Treat your tree like your newborn child: Always handle with care.

5. Ignoring soil and drainage conditions is a no-no. Moisture and oxygen are vital to a trees health. Ensuring that you are offering your tree the proper soil texture and drainage will go a long way in ensuring a long, healthy life for your tree. When in doubt, ask an expert!